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Washing Machine Dryer Not Working [Solved]

No matter what type of washing machine or even the best washing machine, the dryer function is one of the most important tasks a washing machine effectively commits to. That said, There are a lot of problems that can arise with a dryer.

Though not very commonly found, there can be multiple reasons for the washing machine dryer not working problem. Let us take a look at what can be causing these dryer malfunctions in your washing machine.

Note that front loaders and automatic washing machines might take more out of you if their dryer stops functioning since the dryer and washer tubs are combined.

Diagnose Washing Machine Dryer Problem

A washing machine dryer is a crucial part of your washing machine. Its use is highly convenient and proves an excellent feature especially if you live in a region that experiences a lot of rain or less sun. However, since dryers work really hard, with all the fast-spinning and stuff, they are bound to run into issues.

Now, most brands make sure they build their dryers as durable as possible, prolonging the overall life of the appliance. But there are issues that can come up.

The first step in battling that is to make sure you maintain your washing machine the best you can. If you simply take care of it and make sure you clean it and use it as it is meant to, you will find your washing machine lasts you years and decades on end. They are actually quite a durable appliance.

So, how to fix if your washing machine dryer is not working? Well, let us see what is causing that first.

Potential Issues With A Washing Machine Dryer

Now, the thing is, there are different formats of dryers as well. Some might use heating technology to help reduce creases, others might come with a brand-specific technology that reduces drying time, and so on. Basically, dryers can be different from each other, and each ones comes with its own set of problems it can run into.

So, what are the problems that can come up with your dryer? Let us take a look and explain what can be done.

1. Dryer not starting

If your dryer fails to even start spinning, it could be because of one of two reasons. Either your appliance is not connected to the power supply, or there could be something wrong with the internal connections or the PCB inside.


  1. Make sure the washing machine is securely plugged in to a power outlet and make sure you are getting enough voltage to power it.
  2. If the problem still exists, you might have to call a service professional to help you out with it.

2. Dryer not spinning

If the dryer in the washing machine is not spinning, there are a few things that could be wrong with it. First, the dryer might have slipped from its position and needs to be set back into place. Secondly, the drum bearing or the drum belt that actually aids in the spinning motion might have had worn down. In which case, you would need to replace these bearings and see if that helps.

If there is nothing you can do to help, might as well call customer support for help.


  1. Check the dryer belt or the drum bearing for wear and tear.
  2. Get those fixed is that is the issue.
  3. If that is not, chances are the circuitry that makes it run has broken.
  4. In which case, call customer support.

3. Dryer not heating

Dryers with heating available are also available on the market. Though they are not as common, heat dryers are slightly more expensive than the rest.

Any problem with heating relates to a faulty heating element. If you have a multimeter handy and know how to use it, it can tell you if there are any breaks in the electrical path in the circuit. If there is no measure on the meter, get the dryer element replaced.


  1. Check the heating element for any damages. If the heating element is too old, it has probably degraded over time and simply cannot heat water anyway. Get it replaced asap.
  2. If the element looks fine, get a multimeter to check if the dryer is getting proper electricity.
  3. If that also does not work, you might have to call customer support to get it fixed.

4. Dryer making a lot of noise

A noisy dryer is more common than you think. If yours is making a squeaky noise, the idler pulley might be to blame. The idler pulley assembly controls the tension on the drum belt, which can potentially fail as your appliance ages.


To solve this issue you would have to call customer support to help you out.

5. Dryer starts then stops

If your dryer starts and cannot spin, or simply stops mid cycle, the thermal fuse on the dryer could be what is causing the issue. The fuse is a safety mechanism that checks the temperature of the outbound air. If it finds the air is getting too hot, the machine cuts off power to the dryer.


You would either have to shut off the machine or try again later. If the issue persists, you would need to call customer support.


Washing machines are great and convenient home appliances. If you as a user simply takes care of it, even a basic washing machine will last you upwards of 8 or 10 years. Maintaining it is the key however. Since the appliance has a lot of movements that it gets down to, making sure you take good care of it becomes that much more important.

There could be a day where your washing machine dryer does not work, in such cases, the first step it take a look at any error code that your machine might be displaying. If you do not find anything there, call for a customer support person to take a look.

One thing to note, front loading washing machines might have a few dryer issues and getting those fixed can be difficult if your machine is not under warranty. Dryers in semi automatic washing machines are much easier to get fixed since it is a totally different drum entirely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why dryer is not working in washing machine?

There could be multiple reasons why your dryer isn’t working. If your washing machine dryer fails to start, or cannot spin, check if it is seated in the right position. Older machine dryers can have all sorts of problems just due to being used for a long time. The best method to solve it is to call a customer care representative to take a look at it. Make sure you get someone authorized, otherwise you risk your warranty getting void.

2. Why is my washer dryer not heating?

If you have a heater enabled dryer and it is not functioning well, either the element inside has seen its day, or it is not getting enough power to function in the first place. In any case, it is best to schedule an engineer visit.

3. Why isn’t my dryer drying my clothes?

There could be a multitude of problems that could be causing this issue. From loose circuitry, to unstable dryer tub, there are a lot of things that could affect the functioning of a dryer. Getting to the bottom of it can be quite difficult. If you have a modern washing machine, check for any error codes that pop up on the display screen. If not, get a customer support person to take a look at your washing machine.

4. Why are my clothes wet after drying?

This could be due to two reasons. Either you have added a lot of laundry to your dryer which reduces its capability to dry clothes well. In this case, simply dry clothes in batches so that the dryer can function at full potential. The second case could be because the dryer isn’t spinning at the rate it should. The reason for this could be anything. From the age of the appliance to some physical issue plaguing it. In either case, get a customer support executive to take a look at that.

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