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Latest Technology in Washing Machine – 11 Best New Technologies in Washing Machines

When it comes to best washing machines, they are always being updated and upgraded. From the technology being used, to build quality and features, washing machines like any home appliance, are sent through R&D quite often. Brands do it to get a leg up on their competition by bringing out new and more effective technologies into the market.

For consumers, these frequent upgrades come with a few advantages and disadvantages. For one, you can always get a more convenient, more efficient appliance, but you might have to pay more to stay updated. So, what is the latest technology in washing machine? Let us take a look at all the new features washing machines bring to our homes.

Latest Technology in Washing Machine

Washing machines are a really important part of any household. They provide convenience and are a huge time saver. If you are the laundry person of the house, chances are you know more about washing machines than others might realize. Some of the newest washing machine technology allows you to make use of your appliance in a much convenient way, while some other washing machine latest technology might allow you to save money using them.

That said, since washing machines are always being upgraded, there might be a few features that might have flown by your radar. We are here to discuss all these technologies and all latest in washing machine. From smart washing machines, to technologies that help wash and clean clothes much more effectively, let us see what the market has for us.

1. Digital Inverter Technology

Digital inverter technology is taking the home appliance industry by storm. The appliances listed as “inverter appliances” are highly energy efficient and the go-to if you are out in the market for appliances right now.

Inverter washing machines are also getting very common, and since they are so energy efficient, they are quickly becoming the primary choice for consumers everywhere. They are slightly expensive to purchase however, and that can off-set your purchase. However, it is imperative that you give inverter appliances a good hard look if you are out buying some, especially washing machines.

2. TwinWash and FlexWash

LG and Samsung are two of the biggest names in the washing machine market. They are a perfect choice for people who are looking for appliance that will last them years on end, all the while providing a huge range of features. LG’s TwinWash, and Samsung’s FlexWash are two new technologies out in the market.

Some of the new Samsung washing machines come with a hybrid design, combining the best features of a top load and a front load washing machine to make a new two in one washer. They named it FlexWash, and it is effectively one of the best innovations in the washing machine market. It comes with the flexibility to use two different formats of washing. The higher capacity front load part of the machine can be used for your usual load, while the smaller capacity top loading part of the appliance can be used for smaller, everyday items like socks and such.


The TwinWash program from LG provides almost the same thing, but differently. TwinWash washing machines come with two separate drums. While one acts as the primary one, the other can be used for smaller, easy to clean clothes.

3. EcoBubble, O2 Wash, and SuperSoak

Samsung and IFB came up with ingenious ways to better clean your clothes.

Samsung’s EcoBubble technology is very well known to clean clothes incredibly well. With this technology, the detergent is dissolved into the water better and penetrates deep within the fabrics of your clothes. This means less water and heating is required to allows for a highly efficient and clean wash. It also minimizes damage to your clothes and offers a much smoother cleaning function.

Some IFB washing machines come with O2 Bubble Wash, which does something similar to make sure your clothes come out hyper-clean. With this technology, the washer generates tones of air bubbles which are highly effective at penetrating deep into the fabric to remove all that stubborn dust and dirt.


On a similar note, Whirlpool has its SuperSoak feature that ensure the removal of tough stains by making sure the detergent is well soaked into the water.

4. 6 Motion DD, TurboWash and SoftMove

Washing machines have long been trying new wash cycles for a better, faster, and more efficient wash. Brands have always made a move towards a technology that can help them achieve that.

LG’s 6 Motion Direct Drive washing machines deliver highly efficient energy and water saving methodologies. Compared to conventional washing machines, these appliances prove much more efficient at resource management.

Similarly, Whirlpool’s SoftMove technology shows up in their latest line of front-loaders. It senses the load quantity in the drum and uses adaptive programs to provide you with the best possible wash. It understands the need for the different types of fabrics and creates a wash cycle that will be the best for that particular load.

6 motion dd

TurboWash, again by LG, is a great way to reduce washing times and save energy. A jet spray is set directly onto the clothes, which allows all the dirt and stains to get off easily.

5. Diamond Drum and VarioDrum

The drum is a crucial part of any washing machine. And for that reason, brands are always innovating its design and function.

Samsung’s latest design in top loading washing machines, the Diamond Drum, is one such technology that reduces the damages caused to clothes during wash cycles. The textured insides of the drum allows the washing machine a much more gentle touch on your clothes, thereby increasing their longevity.

While the VarioDrum from Bosch is also a great technology to choose. The technology allows the drum the spin in one direction, while the flat side of the attached paddle cleans the clothes in the washer. This not only allows much cleaner clothes, but also provides a safer alternative.

6. Built-in Heaters

For those times where you require warm water to wash your clothes, there are now washing machines in the market that come with built-in water heaters. If you live in a cold region, chances are you use hot water to clean and wash your clothes. Why not buy a washing machine that does it for you?

Most brands in the market have washing machines that come with these built-in heaters. They are also great against calcium build-up, which is a common phenomenon.

Also, top loaders generally do not come with built-in heaters, but Whirlpool have some models that have this feature.

7. VRT+ and AntiVibration Technology

Washing machines can themselves be damaged by the constant rocking of the appliance. There are new technologies that are always coming out to battle this problem.

Samsung’s VRT, or Vibration Reduction Technology, is a great option for people who do not like a lot of noise emanating from their washing machine. This also prolongs the live of the appliance which suffers much less physical damage from functioning constantly.

Bosch washing machines have something similar. Their AntiVibration technology is used to mitigate vibrations from a spinning washing machines. Bosch uses high-tech sensors to counteract the vibrations and maintaining load balance.

8. Aqua Energie

Washing can be difficult if your region gets hard water. Hard water can be destructive to your clothes and detergent even fails to mix with it properly. This would cause your clothes to fade and never be washed properly either. This washing machine latest technology might be difficult to wrap your head around, but if you live in a place that gets hard water, Aqua Energie is a great function to have.

For this purpose, IFB washing machines are armed with Aqua Energie. A technology which converts hard water to a much more usable format. Even Whirlpool has a “Hard Water” option in its new washing machines that serve a similar purpose.

If you area gets a lot of hard water, make sure you invest in an appliance that can help you battle that.

9. Auto Detergent Dispenser

The amount of detergent required to wash clothes has always been subjective for us people, but it does not have to be.

A new line of washing machines are equipped with multiple sensors that not only understand the amount of load, but also the kind of load, automatically dispensing the required amount of detergent to clean your clothes.

High-end Bosch and Whirlpool washing machines often come with automatic detergent dispensers, a really convenient option to have. Whirlpool’s technology is called Auto Detergent Dosage, while Bosch calls it iDOS.

10. Smart Control

Home appliances are slowly becoming smarter and come with the ability to be controlled over your smartphone. Washing machines are also getting that smart and now come with easy control and self-diagnosis capabilities. This is one of the newest washing machine technology and proves incredibly helpful to those looking specifically for a smart appliance to build a smart home.

smart wash

Most brands have a smart washing machine out for purchase, take a look at LG smart appliances, they are some of the best available.

11. Steam Washing

Washing using steam has also become a common function of washing machines. With an in-built heater, a few washing machines come with the option for a steam wash.


Washing machines have come a long way. From basic washing machines, to high-tech smart ones that provide a true hands-free experience, you can now expect a lot from your washing machine and you not be considered wrong at all. There are so many different factors to give note to and so many features to look at, that it can get exceptionally difficult to understand which particular feature is the right one for you.

There is one saving grace however, know that different brands might provide the same feature under a different name. Keep an eye on that, and buying a washing machine will become that much easier. Refer to the list of the latest technology in washing machine to get a better understanding of what is being offered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the latest technology in washing machine?

Washing machines are often being R&D’d upon and brands have flooded the market with new technologies that can provide a lot of convenience to its users. From brand specific technologies, to holistic ones that all washing machines start using, there are a good number of new things coming out. Check for inverter technology in washing machines for the most efficient version.

2. What is smart technology in washing machine?

Smart appliances can connect to your home WiFi and can be remotely worked using your smartphone. This can prove highly convenient since you can control everything remotely. Smart technology in washing machines is also a great way to grab more control over your laundry cleaning. A must have if you are really busy and could essentially simplify your washing days.

3. What is the advantage of inverter washing machine?

Inverter washing machines are incredibly efficient at saving energy. Inverter technology has started showing up on every home appliance, and they prove to be the best appliances due to their efficient nature of functioning.

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