Difference between Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Washing machines make our lives easier. Otherwise, we would be spending endless hours cleaning our clothes, which not only takes effort but also is incredibly time consuming. In our busy lives, the more time we save, the more time we have for ourselves.

But the initial question comes up to confuse new buyers. Which washing machine is the best to purchase? Besides brand, price, capacity, and type, there is one aspect that can be tricky to understand, the function of the machine.

Fully Automatic Washing Machines and Semi-Automatic Washing Machines – Overview

Washing machines come in either of two functions, semi-automatic and fully automatic. You could virtually purchase either and the choice is dependent on your preference and lifestyle. They are equally effective at washing clothes and neither is better than the other in this regard. They are, however, different in their use and prices.

So, there are two things you can expect from your washing machine, to wash your clothes and to dry them post washing. Either types of washing machines differ in how they tackle this washing and drying situation.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines feature two tubs, one for washing and the other one for drying. This two-tub system has you transferring clothes from the washing tub to the drying tub once they have been cleaned. This could prove to be time consuming, but semi-automatics are best if less people intend on using it. Perfect for a group of two to three people, a good 8kg capacity washing machine can take care of all the dirty clothes they have to wash.

Semi-automatics machines are also relatively inexpensive and provide an arguably better, thorough wash than fully automatics. Also, if you have less clothes to wash, semi-automatics function better than automatics.

They have two to three modes of washing and generally only a single mode for drying.

If you’re looking for the best semi automatic washing machine, be sure to check out our article for some top-rated options.

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Pros and Cons


  1. Requires less water.
  2. Cost effective.
  3. Washing is much effective with a lesser amount clothes.
  4. Washing is much faster.
  5. No need for a continuous flow of water.
  6. Perfect for 1-3 people.


  1. Requires work transferring clothes from washer to dryer.
  2. You need to be careful while moving clothes; there is a chance of water seeping into its electrical components.

Fully Automatic Washing Machines

Fully Automatic Washing Machines are made to be simpler to use. They require less effort and require no intervention on part of the user. Simply dump your dirty clothes in, set the timer with your desired settings, and you are good to go. Their washing and drying function takes place in the same tub which can be set to be carried out automatically using the settings. Truly no intervention on your part. Dump clothes, set timer and settings, take out clothes, all clean and dried up.

Essentially, their washing function and their drier function are both incorporated within the same unit. Semi-Automatics have a separate container for washing and drying which makes it more effort consuming.

They also come with separate modes for you to choose from. Washing modes can be set according to your needs and requirements. They also feature built-in heating for a hot wash cycle.

Automatic Washing Machines are further categorized into two types, front loaders, and top loaders. And Semi-automatics are always top loaders.

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Pros and Cons


  1. Automatic function requires way less work and effort.
  2. A single tub for washing and drying also saves space.
  3. Has different washing modes.
  4. Built-in heating system.
  5. Advanced technology provides more effective cleaning.


  1. Expensive.
  2. Consume more power.
  3. Requires more water.
  4. Can take some time to fully understand their function.


So, from what we know, which washing machine should you buy?

You see that depends on your needs and requirements. Either washing machines provide an effective wash and are good at cleaning clothes. There are some aspects where the more modern fully automatic washing machine takes the cake, but semi-automatics are great in other aspects too.

If you have limited clothes to wash, a few more minutes to spare, or a lower budget, semi-automatic washing machines will provide your every need and will be totally effective, sometimes even more effective than fully automatics.

Fully automatics also take up more resources. More power consumption and a higher water consumption could prove daunting on your wallet in the later stages of the purchase.

However, if you are a family of more than 4, fully automatic washing machines would prove the better, smarter purchase. It will save you time, makes things easier, and provide a more effective cleaning.

They come with different modes to choose from which further makes it easier to use once you have learned all its bells and whistles. If your budget supports it, a fully automatic might prove more beneficial for you.

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